A painting by Ursula Reuter Christiansen

ARTIST: Ursula Reuter

PHOTO: Helle Olsen ISO4300

Holbæk Art




Between 10.000-149.000 EUR

After positive experiences from the exhibition “How far Away is the Horizon?”, the independent institution Holbæk Art was established. The organisation arranges guided tours through the city with professional dissemination of the artworks.


The private organisation Holbæk Rotary Club.


Presenting 36 artworks by professional artists in urban Holbæk.

Partners involved

Holbæk Art is collaborating with the municipalty of Holbæk, EUC/NVS, Sidesporet, City forum, The Museum of Holbæk, Holbæk Kunstforening, Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk, Fotoklubben ISO4300 and other local partners.

Target group

All citizens of Holbæk and any audience from out of town interested in art.


Website: https://holbaekart.dk/

Key learning from the process

  • Private initiatives can support and have a huge impact on the daily life of the public.

New encounters with art

The collection of art contributes to new experiences and encounters between citizens and contemporary art.

Murial by BIRK BJØRLO called "We are all from the same Sea"

ARTIST: Birk Björklo

PHOTO: Børge Pedersen ISO4300