ARTIST: Hartmut Stockter

PHOTO: Carsten Hvid

In the Octopus’s Garden



Between 10.000-149.000 EUR

The project “In the Octopus’s Garden” started with a study trip, where the children visited the artist’s sensory exhibition in the Nikolaj art museum in Copenhagen. On several occasions, they visited the harbour in Holbæk with the artist where a raft was constructed as a frame for the creative process, and they drew inspiration from the maritime atmosphere. The children were introduced to Stockter’s artistic practice, which often involves experiencing the landscape with the help of special tools. They were thereby inspired to conceptualise using special binoculars and other sensory tools which were mounted on the raft.

Total budget

13,344 Euro.


Initiated by the Municipality of Holbæk.


Hartmut Stockter.


12 locations in Holbæk.

Partners involved

The project has been developed in collaboration with the coastal life centre at Holbæk Harbour, the municipality and a public school. Based on Holbæk's local maritime culture and nature, the coastal life centre builds boats, produces rope and sews sails in the sail loft. For this art project, the institution has been inspired by the project's imaginative and creative experiments with local narratives and knowledge of the maritime life that forms the context for Holbæk's harbour environment. The centre's professional staff has assisted the construction and launching of the raft and has worked out the safety instructions for the stay on the raft.

Target group

Pupils in the collaborating school and their families.


Website: https://hstockter.de/

Key learning from the process

  • The alternative setting for teaching made a huge impact on the children. They all had a great time and all played an active part in the project.

Co-creation with children

The design and decoration of the raft were created according to the children’s wishes and needs. They were encouraged to think outside the box.