Burning of clay cups at Mabon
Coastal area outside of Nykøbing Sj / 20.09.2020

ARTIST: Adrian Rast et al.

PHOTO: Andia Newton





Below 10.000 EUR

The art project was originally meant to celebrate the longest day and the Danish tradition of Sankt Hans. Due to Corona, it changed to a celebration of the autumn equinox.

The core of the project is sociability and the production of usable artefacts (cups) with which to perform the social act of cheering each other. The cup is one of the first artefacts to celebrate sociability, and firing clay is one of the first ways to produce artefacts worldwide. Thus this project links the past with the present. The public was invited during the summer to join craft workshops and make their own cups to bring on the evening of the equinox. Those cups were burned beforehand so they would be cool enough to use. On the equinox, a temporary wood kiln was built on the beach. The professional ceramics’ work was burned in the kiln as an event. The fire was set to reach its peak at sunset, making the fire reflect more clearly in the night and in the sea. Once the kiln cooled down, everything was removed leaving only a souvenir of the cup and the memory of “what was”.

Total budget

Approx. 4,600 Euro from Istidsruten - overall budget of 6,100 Euro.


Kunstkollektivet 8B - Den Selvejende institution for Egebjerghalvøens Udvikling.


Land-art conducted by international artist Adrian Rast, national and international volunteers from Kunstkollektivet 8B, 16 national performing ceramics, the public.

Partners involved

Initiated by Kunstkollektivet 8B - Den Selvejende institution for Egebjerghalvøens Udvikling, and supported financially by Istidruten and other public funds.

Target group

Citizens in the proximity of the wood kiln event, but also people with an interest in ceramics and people with an interest in pop-up events.

Key learning from the process

  • Small bottom-up projects are very flexible when it comes to adjusting to change in settings.
  • Motivation for the project is based on personal interest and passion.