Concrete pipe with a time line

ARTIST: Tue Greenfort

PHOTO: Tue Greenfort

Tue Greenfort





Above 150.000 EUR


This project is still in progress.

In the autumn of 2020, the Holbæk Municipality started a collaboration with the artist Tue Greenfort about a meadow at the fjord in Holbæk.

The artists made sketches for an experience path with different works and takes on the natural habitat along the way.

Each of the three trilobite sculptures tells a specific story, both about the beach meadow and also about the myriad evolutionary forms that trilobites express. The trilobites here are shaped from manmade materials – brick to glass and concrete – all materials found on a large scale among the natural stones and sand of the beach. They are relics from decades of landfilling of building materials and garbage.


Tue Greenfort.

Partners involved

The Danish arts council supported the project with the fee for the artist, and partners from different departments of the municipality were involved in the process of making the first draft. A meeting was held on-site with urban planners, biologists, landscape architects, and representatives from the Land-Sea Act project and the Ice Age Route.

Target group

The intention of the project is to start a dialogue with the local citizens in Holbæk as there is a need for coastal reinforcement at this shore.

The shore is a perimeter zone, an area between two biotopes. It is also a mental zone – the borderland between dreams and reality, between private fantasies and the public – as well as a place that marks contaminants and societal changes in the bio- and geopolitical field.

Tue Greenfort