Skvulp sign at the fjord in Holbæk

PHOTO: Per Herhold Iso 4300




Above 150.000 EUR

Skvulp is an annual festival held at the harbour in Holbæk.

Skvulp’s vision is to gather musicians, talent, enthusiasts, associations, business and cultural entrepreneurs from all over the municipality at Holbæk harbour once a year.


The Municipality of Holbæk.

Partners involved

The day-to-day management is handled by the festival director and the Skvulp secretariat in collaboration with a group of volunteers consisting of project managers, project coordinators, communication staff, as well as creative and practical hands.

Target group

By creating an opening for an active co-creation of the cultural audience's expectations and experience, the voluntary entrepreneurial group develops a common set of values that can draw on the culture and image of the festival.

Key learning from the process

  • The volunteers are typically citizens from Holbæk who, through direct participation in the cultural event, can identify themselves as cultural entrepreneurs.