Hypersea project image

ARTIST: Stine Deja

PHOTO: Idoart





Between 10.000-149.000 EUR

Hypersea is a site-specific artwork commissioned to Holbæk Sportsby and its surroundings. The installation in the changing rooms thematically combine the waters of Holbæk and puts the community in focus.

Total budget

4,988 Euro from the Arts Council. 6,652 Euro from the Municipality of Holbæk.


Initiated by the Municipality of Holbæk and the Holbæk Sportsby, and curated by the arts council.


Stine Deja.

Partners involved

Holbæk Sportsby in collaboration with the Municipality of Holbæk.

Target group

Users of the sports city.


Website: https://stinedeja.com/

Key learning from the process

  • The installation of the art was intended to collaborate with the building process, which caused a delay in the time schedule.

Elements of the project

The three elements of the project are a sound piece, customised drains in the showers and reliefs on the walls, all three of which revolve around the theme of water.

Hypersea is a theory of solidarity that argues that we, along with all multicellular plants and animals on land, share an identity with the sea. We are constantly connected to water, our bodies consist of 69 per cent water, we drink water, wash in water, sweat water. Water is absolutely essential to our existence – we are all walking bodies of water.

Hypersea project image inside the bathing area

ARTIST: Stine Deja

PHOTO: Idoart

Art as a link

The intention was to commission art as a link between the outside and the inside. It was desired that this particular link should appeal, activate and motivate the many different users in a new way.

It should be fun to sweat and art was intended to wake up the individual’s curiosity about playing sports, getting healthier and participating in the community. The intention of Hypersea was to make it more attractive for the users of the sports city to take a bath after sports.

Hypersea project image entrance doors

ARTIST: Stine Deja

PHOTO: Idoart

I will bring the water even more into the changing rooms in a relatively subtle way. Through different effects, the rooms will give the users an artistic experience. To preserve the functionality of the rooms, I have chosen to focus on elements that do not take up much space physically, but which can still fill a room, such as sound waves.

Stine Deja