Artwork by Yang Yongliang at public beach in Holbæk

ARTIST: Yang Youngliang

PHOTO: Joe Kniesek

How Far Away is the Horizon?




Between 10.000-149.000 EUR

“How Far Away is the Horizon?” was a public art project.

Total budget

121,146 Euro - 13,440 Euro was funded by the Municipality of Holbæk. The rest was fundraised from private and public funding through the Danish Arts Council.


The Municipality of Holbæk.


12 murals by Danish and international artists in the public space. Curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen.

Partners involved

Initiated by the Municipality of Holbæk in collaboration with the CKU Images Festival, 2013.

Target group

The art was intended to reach all citizens in Holbæk and any audience from abroad interested in art. The process was top-down.

Murals in Holbæk

The first murals of many realised in the public space in Holbæk.

Murial of ship as a air balloon

ARTIST: Mie Olise Kærgaard

PHOTO: Joe Kniesek